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    Daily Sales Email

    I used to get a daily email from Netfleet telling me some of the expiring names for sale for the next day as well as a list of sales for the current day. The email has now stopped. Is it just me or everyone?
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    Domain Sales List 2015

    $3000 seems way too much for What would you do with that domain? dating website?
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    Conferences in Melb/Syd?

    Does anyone know of any internet marketing conferences (or somewhat related) that are on during April in Sydney or Melbourne? :) Thanks
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    Hey guys, i was analysing the backlinks for one of my sites and i've noticed that i have hundreds of links similar to this on loads of random blogs: <li class="post pingback"> <p>Pingback: <a href='' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>abcdef</a></p> </li> I've...
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    Domain Sales List 2014

    Hmmm wondering what's so valuable about micasa?
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    Domain Sales List 2014

    Is really worth $1000? I don't think so. Edit:never mind, Just noticed who bought.. probably protecting theselves
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    Domain Sales List 2013

    If you do a whois, i think you'll find that seniorscard was purchased by the original owner! i think they must have accidentally forgot to renew. Someone must have alerted them that it was up for auction. What is so good about HRM? All i think of is her royal majesty when i see that :)
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    Pagerank update finally

    To those that may have not have noticed.. there was a pagerank update the other night! Big surprise to many.
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    Anyone had any luck with checkmystats?

    Has CMS shut down? their website hasn't worked for a while
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    Google Algo changes last night (4/10)

    Looks like some big changes to Google Serps last night (for me anyway). Has anyone else noticed? Edit: OK it's a Penguin update. Goodluck all!
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    Google Update Sept

    Has anyone noticed the algo update that has happened last night? there is mention of it on SEOroundtable Normally i'm hit by google updates but this time i've had big improvements on some keywords. How has everyone fared? Can anyone tell what sort of update it is?
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    International payments from overseas affiliate companies

    Hi Guys, I'm with affiliate window in the UK and at the moment i get payments from them via a cheque which is annoying to bank. They have the option for international wire but i'm not sure what to put in the details. Does anyone use them and get commission via this method? The details they ask...
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    Clix Galore

    Maybe you've earned some good beer money for them :) Keep trying though.. as long as they didn't delete your account.
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    Clix Galore

    Clixgalore make it really difficult to get that first payment. You would not believe the ridiculous emails that went back and forth. It was so bad i wanted to give up however decided to continue pestering them. Once that first payment is made though, then it's smooth sailing from there. I...
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    Hi Folks, How are you all doing.. Just introducing myself. From SA. Do some side work with websites etc so have an interest in buying domains :)