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    Coles systems down and stores closed

    I just find it interesting that whole stores need to close if they’re having technical difficulties! Like.. is there no back up in place (manual processing etc?)
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    .UK and Bulgarians!

    Just the other day I purchased a .uk domain address (not, what surprised me was the Bulgarians didn’t pick this name up! It was picked up by some Dutch Guy The danger legitimate businesses face in years to come is their ‘almost identical addresses’ being grabbed & used by others..
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    Google Testing SERPs Without URLs

    Personally I find it dangerous & it may find Google in hot water in years to come.. To remove a sites identity by hiding it, in this case, a URL is wrong.. By hiding a website people may unintentionally believe it’s part of the google ecosystem when in fact it is not.. Every site deserves to be...
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    Direct Registrations delayed....

    This shorter names video by auDA, when was this released?
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    Direct Registrations delayed....

    I’m growing a little bit fed with how things have gone the last few years.. Reminds me of the Brexit issue.. uncertainty, low confidence & no commitment to a plan!
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    auDA direct registration tactics

    With the imminent implementation of direct .au registration coming into effect later this year made me think whether there are people out there currently approaching the (or, etc) holders regarding the purchasing of names to increase their chances of owning the .au domain...
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    April 2019 Meetup

    Hi guys Just wondering if anyone is interested in a meetup on Monday April 15. This particular date coincides with auDA's new membership launch to be held at Federation Square Melbourne (The Cube ACMI) that very evening (6.30pm-8pm) It'd be a great opportunity to go there & then catch-up...
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    .melbourne gtld’s spotted in & around Melbourne

    The .melbourne gtld domain extension is being promoted around Melbourne in some pretty well known locations. These are just some of the ones I saw around Federation Square, Port Melbourne & the Arts Centre recently. If you do spot any more, feel free to add them here!..
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    .xyz $0.99 Forever! Register, Renew and Transfer

    The Wild West of domain extensions.. Who’s marketing right, who’s marketing wrong gtld...
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    Domain Sherpa is Back Under New Ownership

    So I’m expecting a non Cyger interview why is Andrew not hosting?
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    Domain Sales List 2017 impressive sale right there!!.. I own some other photography niche names, so it’s nice to see this sale!
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    NAB acquires

    So. the only Australian Bank who do not own their .com is Westpac...
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    new TLD'S "Failing" and drastic price discount

    A shame premium gtld names don't carry an average premium renewal price, so we can gain a better understanding of 'value', this is a big factor in purchasing imo
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    new TLD'S "Failing" and drastic price discount

    It's an enormous uphill battle for any new extension. They need constant marketing. Think about a .car domain? well you need to think about obtaining .cars .auto & then there's .com or (& impending .au) typo redirect. The more similar extensions that are released to your market segment...
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    I see on tomorrow's drop list. I really hope a Govt representative steps in and obtains this important & symbolic name..
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    Beginning of the End ?

    Those thoughts did occur to me as well.. to go in and say I'll have .mcdonalds then later retract does raise issues!
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    Rick Schwartz Hates The New GTLD's

    It's damn hard for any new gtld names to gain any traction. Increased competition amongst extensions, premium renewal rates for names- not for others, leading to confusion.. I can see why Rick makes his point. But Rod does make a point too!
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    Direct registrations are happening

    Now that it's the 31st I wonder what has happened as far as .nz registrations are concerned, I guess it's a little early to tell..
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    Dot AFL

    I wonder just how many people watching here in Australia actually understand what the .afl gtld extension actually is when advertised.
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    Domain Gang promote Rod's DN eBook

    congratulations buddy!