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    for some reason I thought about this domain tonight and thought I'd check out what had become of this record breaker well... nearly 5 months on and the answer appears to be "SFA" i did a search for "investment property" (without quotes) and looks like their
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    Coupons Brisbane & Coupons Sydney

    A couple of my domains are on the Netfleet aftermarket auction which finishes in a bit over an hour. If you're interested in bidding on these names you'd best get a wriggle on!
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    Sort by TLD - excel hack

    Just thought I'd share this little tip for sorting a list of names with different TLDs in excel =TRIM(MID(A1,FIND(".",A1)-0,7)) where A1 is the first cell with a domain name in it paste that next to your list and you'll quickly be able to sort by TLD and end up with something similar to the...
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    Nothing but (dot) Net (dot au)

    I'm looking at snapper and there are literally no's listed at the moment. Some kind of bug? I know it's been raised before but it would be pretty cool if there was a way of filtering certain things out, like etc, without having to dump everything to a spreadsheet.
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    TRAFFIC Auction

    I wasn't going to post this but in case anyone is still confused this might help: Buy (10000) Commission 1500 Balance (8500) --- Sell 9999 Balance 1499 So no double dipping there. DavidL, are you suggesting he might shill the bid because he has access to proxy bid data? I guess that would be...
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    Great news! .au COR 6 month restriction gone 10th November!

    i was happy enough to hear this news but even moreso after finding out an hour later that a domain I've agreed to purchase is still subject to the 6 month restriction.
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    Change of registrant fail

    I just got a message from netregistry that a COR I was waiting for has failed on account of the seller not checking his email or otherwise failing to click the link confirming his agreement to the transfer. I've asked NR to reissue the request but am interested to know what I should expect as...
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    Looks like we were a wee bit off.. just by a zero or so! :D
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    For sure, it's not unheard of for people to spend upwards of $5k for seminars/education in this type of market so with the right business model whoever gets it could easily make their money back.
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    holy crap, just refreshed and it jumped from $2222 to $23.5k! in other news, i noticed was available and figured it was at least worth reg fee, despite it being a hyphenated
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    off on a slight tangent here but this comment made me laugh
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    Nice name dropping tomorrow. How much do you reckon it'll go for? $10k?
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    Article on SEO + generic v's branded domains

    It's not mentioned in the article but I'm pretty sure that's how it happened. I remember getting hit up for links to in 2007.
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    tax and domain purchases

    Definitely no tax expert but I thought domain registration/renewal fees (+hosting, content, broadband) could be deducted as expenses incurred in earning an income.
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    SEO Meetups 1st Sept - Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne

    Same as every month there'll be SEO meetups in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne on the first thursday, in this case the 1st of September. I co-organise the Brisbane meetups and would love to get some domainers coming along if you're able. This month we'll be doing a couple of live site audits...
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    What happens if seller reneges?

    Wondering what might happen if a seller lists a domain for sale on netfleet with a BIN price which is met but then the seller refuses to part with the name. The T&C are pretty straightforward in this regard: Just wondering if anyone has...
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    $2k/day "Lead Site"

    anyone in need of finding places to score dodgy links from would do well to take a look at their backlink profile
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    Make sure your sites are "pretty"!

    So what happened to "ugly sells"? I'm not suggesting there's no merit to the research but those statistics sound about 73.8% bollocks to me.
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    Hi all, My name is Joe and I've been lurking on these forums quite a lot lately so I thought I might as well sign up and join the party. My background is mainly in SEO but I also know a thing or two about web development/programming, lead generation and email marketing. I started out...