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  1. nina

    New GTLDs

    Martin that is a fair comment. But I think the scale in which I'm seeing tld's being released is so much bigger. When I look at sedo or flippa for domain names, they all seem to be the more conservative names. I guess it also comes down to price - I'm not sure if it's possible to get really...
  2. nina

    New GTLDs

    umm.. yes I confess - I bought and I had to stop myself because it's just ridiculous - but I do love them. I haven't seen many live sites at the moment promoted with the new tld's yet. If I could find a reason I would invest in them but now what I am seeing is that there...
  3. nina

    Melbourne IT to buy Netregistry Group

    Thanks - confirms what I thought.
  4. nina

    Melbourne IT to buy Netregistry Group

    I just had a look on namescout - they're advertising for 2 years - 13.58 - has anyone had any experience? Or is it 13.58 per year for two years? It's hard to decipher.
  5. nina

    Melbourne IT to buy Netregistry Group

    I agree - I'm in the process of reviewing all my domains and the problem we had when they took over planet domain was pretty poor. *sigh* the illusion of choice is coming around to bite us I think. :mad:
  6. nina

    Drop Off in Online Business

    The problem is, as I see, is the world of 'overwhelmness' - I am doing some small talks in September and October for a few of my business colleagues introducing them, in plain english to social media. I have found that many businesses are getting left behind because they simply don't understand...
  7. nina

    Congrats to Ibis Group!

    That is a great website - Cleverly done, well thought and very few clicks to get a project underway - you deserve much success with this one. Really super impressed!! Nina
  8. nina

    Choose the right jockey!

    Just imagine - The horse has never run this type of race before, but the jockey has ridden many times, and the owner still wants to tell the jockey how to 'do their job' so to speak... sure it's their money, and in the end the owner must be happy but at the cost of winning the race through...
  9. nina

    Domain Management Software

    Ok - After I discovered I lost a domain because somehow didn't see the notification via email ... and because I used to have accounts with planet domain and DIT, which have been morphed to TPP Wholesale which is part of Net Registry, and because I have a portfolio of .com domains with Moniker...
  10. nina

    List of Affliate Marketing Providers

    I signed up for your site - looks fairly easy to use - only comment - ... if no website, then leave blank is not possible - so I filled it in. Looking forward to seeing how well it works on some of my very humble little domains I have.. Nina
  11. nina

    Domain Sales List 2011

    I have been very busy and not had a chance to read the forums much but I want to say congratulations and thank you for sharing this great news and showing that there is a good market in Australia for domains. This shows the value of being online in more ways than one! Cheers Nina
  12. nina

    Benefits of good content

    Nice one...:D Nina
  13. nina

    Google makes an 'unprecedented move' - you really need to read this post! 10,000 per year. Who knows -maybe it might bring about competition or another start up. I'm in two minds about all this -...
  14. nina

    Google makes an 'unprecedented move' - you really need to read this post!

    And aren't they now going to charge for use of their map API in the future - I thought I read that today. Call me a cynic but I feel the monopolisation Google has will hurt many. There just isn't any competition worth mentioning. I guess what they really want to is to ensure that people don't...
  15. nina

    Flipping websites in Fairfax article

    is that right? 30,000 names.. wow I had no idea they had that many and I guess it would be in the .com /global space rather than .. hmmm do we have that many words in our aussie dictionary? And based on the laws we have here governing domain registration, would it even be possible to...
  16. nina

    Thank you Cooper Mills Domain Lawyers

    Thank you for putting on such a very good evening. :) Apart from the fact I had pole position for parking tonight (A first time win for me I tell you) I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations and sharing of knowledge. It was a surreal moment there for a while when I first arrived to hear people...
  17. nina

    Domainers Networking Night

    Oh darn I missed that - I have been busy today - I had the leathers but left them in the car - honest.. I didn't know. ;) Yes - it was a great night!! Lots of wonderful people to talk with.
  18. nina

    Domainers Networking Night

    Cheers and thanks :o - Don't get your hopes up too high my friend. I am but one of the minnows in the world of domaining and ask enough questions to test even the most patient person except of course my darling husband. I am really looking forward to Wednesday and hope to pick up some tips...
  19. nina

    Domainers Networking Night

    oh I just got an email this very moment from Coopers / event brite so I'm in .. no waiting at the door for Nina. ** happy dance ** Nina
  20. nina

    Domainers Networking Night

    Hi Erhan I responded to the this forum post and registered fairly early in the piece, and then a few days ago, received an email from NetFleet and it sort of gave me the impression that I might not have been registered.. Not sure why - how do I know if I am registered? Does the email...