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    .au "New Look Branding"...

    I wonder if anyone seeing this new look will actually "get it". Or should that be*au/new-look-au/
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    Adblock Plus to sell ads

    So, instead of blocking all ads, it's out with the "bad" ads, and in with their "good" ads? Sounds like a good time for an alternate adblocker to gain some ground to me.
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    Total of 28 websites in N Korea?

    Saw this one Netfleet's Twitter account, thought it was amusing :) "What's unusual, however, is how few websites actually use that address. Thanks to an apparent mistake, North Korea has revealed that only 28 websites use the ".kp" domain."...
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    AU at number 9 in ccTLDs

    Came across this from VeriSign and thought it worth sharing. I noticed AU is sitting at number 9 in the ccTLDs, not bad for a small country. "Today, we released the latest issue of the Domain Name Industry Brief, which showed that the internet grew by approximately 12 million domain names in...
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    Big fail to renew domains

    An interesting story about TP Link failing to renew some important names. "Together, these domain names appear to be quite busy; estimates based on Alexa's ranking suggest that tplinklogin-dot-net sees about 4.4 million visits per month, with another 800,000 for tplinkextender-dot-net. It's not...
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    Trial to deny access to users of ad-blockers

    News Corp is trialling blocking access to content for users of ad-blockers. "News Corp has followed through on its plans to block users of ad-blockers with pop-ups, suggesting users need to subscribe or white-list the website to access the content."...
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    Uniregistry Marketplace

    Nice interface. Look forward to testing.
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    auDA CEO departing after 16 years

    Anyone know why this happened?
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    AU Politician Domain -

    Wouldn't registering a persons name for an activist site be considered bad faith?
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    Dick Smith website and domains for sale

    The Dick Smith website, domains and customer list is up for sale, I wonder what the details are for something of this size?
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    Google indexing HTTPS pages by default

    I'd noticed there were many https results for a while now, but what I didn't realise was that it had become policy, and In Augost 2014 they stated that it was "only a very lightweight signal", "But over...
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    DNForum down?

    Looks like DNForum is down at the moment. It's been a while since I've been there, but going by this article it's been down for a while.
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    .Melbourne, .Sydney, is the potential real?

    A pretty hard-sell article on the benefits of these name. I'm wondering if anyone has come across them being used much yet, and if you reckon they've got the potential some claim they have.
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    Some major changes in international domain name management coming?

    It looks like the structures that have been in place up until now for the management of domain names could be about to change massively, including the management of DNS and other areas. I wonder what effects this may have on the way the industry is administered an decisions made...
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    Another interesting look at the 4 letter .com market

    The article's conclusions: CCCC seems to be very overpriced CVVC, VCCV, CCVC and VCVV seem to be very underpriced I still reckon the waters are muddied when considering a 4 letter .com which actually may mean something in English, but not so...
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    Web Development Tools

    Came across this collection of tools, looks nice and clean. It should come in handy.
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    China's influence on the domain market

    We've touched on this a few times here (Chinese Buy Out of 6N's, Anyone ever successfully communicated with Chinese enquiries? amongst other threads), and it looks like the demand for certain types of domains continues to grow and grow. "There is a market unfolding that very few know about, and...
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    .au domain name success, but not as intended...

    Trust a Govt organisation to set out to warn of the dangers of smoking weed, and end up sending visitors to a pro-cannabis site..
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    DomanTools report: profiling malicious domains

    This report has some interesting findings, if not necessarily very conclusive. It's based on the premise that by using whois and DNS data of known malicious domains it may be possible to "create a profile of locations and privacy preferences of cybercriminals" in order to try and identify...
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    New Chairman For The auDA

    Congrats Stuart, good luck in the role!