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  1. J

    Sydney DNT Meetup

    Just wanted to put out a feeler to see if there are any members in Sydney interested in a meetup? Would be great to meet a few other domainers/registrars or other related professionals.
  2. J


    I've been a bit part player here for a couple of years and am keen to get active in the marketplace so thought I better drop an intro. Registered my first domain in maybe 2003 and have been collecting domains on and off since without any great success. Have been a bit more productive in the last...
  3. J

    Speculative registration

    I know there are plenty of negatives for the new .AU proposal for domainers, but I figured there was also a positive opportunity here. With the .nz release both and registrants had equal claim. If a domain was disputed it was put on ice, presumably to go to auction down the...
  4. J

    Domain Sales List 2015 ~$1440 ($1155USD) @ Flippa
  5. J domain name

    Won't get the right price on Flippa. Would imagine reserve is $100k, $250k would be a good sale. Disclaimer: Complete desk-pop values.
  6. J

    Anybody get on .nz?

    Just curious if anybody jumped on the .nz general registrations? I envisaged there would be more discussion. Obviously it's a small market but it seems like there were some good opportunities to be had. I wonder whether now is the best time to pitch end users while it's still fresh?
  7. J

    JUST .nz

    If the reg date in WHOIS shows as after 11 Feb 2014 then I suspect you will be out of luck unfortunately. Just did a bit of research as I was thinking you could go out now and pick up a bunch of drops to compete. As an aside: IIRC the .uk will give preference to the holder in all...
  8. J

    Netfleet Auction Watch thrown off by DST

    I have a few alerts active through Auction Watch at Netfleet. Since the DST clock change it appears I receive an email with domains from the auction that has just closed. I'm guessing that the email is generated sometime after 1pm (Sydney time) but given the auctions now run until 2pm the...
  9. J

    Hi all

    After monitoring drops here for the last couple of months I thought it was about time to say hello. I've casually played around with 'domaining' for a few years but only just entered into the .au space. Bought and sold a few names over the years. The most overpriced purchase would have to be...
  10. J

    Top reported .au sale for 2013 -

    Awesome sale. Great to see .au sneaking into the global lists of top domain sales.