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    Direct registrations are happening

    I would like to see a similar implementation to the .nz release.
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    Didn't this domain get a Google Penalty a while ago? Looks like link profile cleaned up a bit too
  3. Z sells for $22,000

    Those aren't bad but you have to either be in the industry already with established logistics/supplies PLUS you need to push volumes to make up for minimal margins.
  4. Z sells for $22,000

    There would absolutely be a way to compete with those big chains and not necessarily on price. Develop that domain to be a content authority and you have a winner imo
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    Domain Sales List 2014

    Nice result for a hyphen
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    IT worker defrauds ATO of $120K to buy domain names..

    con artist like this guy deserves jail time. Seems like he has a considerable history of deceit and fraud
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    Monash Uni purchases .monash extension

    I think its one of the more sensible new tld purchases. Monash is fast becoming a global university so the is getting less relevant. Great for intranet addresses, non Australian campuses and their services/departments.
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    .Kiwi Bro?

    "We're super excited to let you know reservations for .kiwi are now open and 24/7 Hosting NZ is accepting up to 3 reservations for each client which are due to go live around February 2014." "The cost to reserve a .kiwi domain name is $500/domain + GST and this also covers the first 3 years...
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    The Domains that Keep Giving

    He has certainly been successful with his ventures. These "xxx Of The Month Club" domains were available to register because there is almost no search value for them in Australia (currently). No not exactly surprising they would be available for hand-reg
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    Simon's with Cyger

    Fantastic interview Simon. Eager to try IP Neighbourhood now. Seems like a well thought out and executed tool.
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    Why do unauthorised people have access to Netregistry domains?

    as per my thread Support @ ziphosting has been notified by both myself and the previous owner and still no response this week. Pretty disappointing considering this big...
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    The new Tee Junction

    Updated my very first baby, - Custom T-shirts The original site was done entirely by myself in 2007 on Joomla 1.5 with my poor coding and design skills. We moved to a new platform early this year. This justified a total revamp of the site including new custom theme, mobile...
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    Ziphosting/Netregistry Domain Exploit! - Your domain could be stolen

    This affects anyone who has purchased a domains from Netfleet/Netregistry which said domain was previously with Ziphosting (potentially other registrars). Long story short. Previous owner of domain I own (via Netfleet auctions) still has FULL domain management access. This includes hijacking...
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    Login and cookies bug

    My cookies never seem to keep me logged in. And when I login it gives me this error yet still logs me in fine? "You have entered an invalid username or password. Please press the back button, enter the correct details and try again. Don't forget that the password is case sensitive. Forgotten...
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    Check your VentraIP domain names - Missing domains

    Just a warning to those who have or are going to transfer a large number of domains to VentraIP. For whatever reason VentraIP can sometimes drop the ball and domains that you've transferred over will not show up in your Domain Management list in VIP Control. I've already had a few where I...
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    Optimize, Optimize, Test, Test!

    Thought I'd share a little success story with parking a I have most of my .au portfolio parked with for almost a year and they've always provided good results. Caught up with Simon from RookMedia last week at the Melbourne DNTrader meetup and got talking about some of...
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    Drop Support?

    I don't seem to get any replies or acknowledgements from emailing Have you guys got/replied to any emails from
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    'Time Left:' always blank?

    Has been blank for me for the past few weeks. Anyone else?
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    Anyone getting domains?

    I missed out on creditcard and related domains but registering a few high search/high CPC names. Its 2nd level, but do sound good for development imo.
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    Any rules against automated bidding systems on NF?

    Are there any rules which forbid users to use automated bidding systems that bid on their behalf. Basically I want to make a bot that places bids for me at the time I set.