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  1. H - Melbourne Teens offered offered $US145,000

    My understanding is that using a domain name as a fan site is considered legitimate use so interested to see how this unfolds and whether they use this as a defence.
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    3 letter domain names on drops

    Does anyone know why there's so many 3 letter domain names dropping today? Has this been forced or has someone decided that they no longer want to hold them?
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    Nominet seeking revenue from drop catching market (, .uk, etc)

    I'm just surprised someone hasn't jumped onto this earlier including in the .com space.
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    Domain Sales List 2020

    This is a great name
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    The rising popularity of .Com in Australia

    It redirects for me.
  6. H

    I have to laugh. The second name I looked into after my last post and this what I found: ABN Cancelled from 30 Sep 2012 Company Status: Deregistered Date deregistered: 17/03/2013
  7. H

    I see this all the time when checking the whois where an abn or company registration has been cancelled years and years ago and yet the domain name continues to be renewed. I don't look into that that many names so there might be quite be a large number of these. I don't know if the registrars...
  8. H

    Why would this domain name be reserved by registry?
  9. H trademark case

    I've been watching this with interest as it involves trying to register a generic word domain name as a trademark. There's always been some question over these and many have questioned how similar domain names were able to be trademarked in Australia...
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    The rising popularity of .Com in Australia

    Yep I forgot about the 20% broker commission that I had to pay. By the time I paid that and the bank rate it almost doubled the cost of the domain name.
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    The rising popularity of .Com in Australia

    With the Australian Dollar so low it's become an expensive exercise to buy a good .com domain now with everything trading in US Dollars. By the time you factor in the bank exchange rate you can almost double the price. Will this virus affect domain prices?
  12. H


    Is anyone here using Dokan for a marketplace with wordpress?
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    The rising popularity of .Com in Australia

    I don't think the fact that it's a .com has made any difference but it will be easier to look globally now. I see that the the domain shows as when I visit the website. My comment was more regarding the koala name because it's unrelated to the product and they've spent big money on...
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    The rising popularity of .Com in Australia

    I don't think success has that much to do with the domain name in this case and everything to do with their other advertising
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    GoDaddy announces its acquisition of Uni Registrar, Marketplace, and Portfolio

    Interesting release today and I can't say I'm surprised. Godaddy are the elephant in the room.
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    The importance of registering a good domain name promptly

    I was just reading this great article from smart company on microsoft money :
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    What's happening with direct registration

    Does anyone have any updated news on this front as all I can hear is silence at the moment.
  18. H vs

    BS it was a close call on RDNH on that one!
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    The rising popularity of .Com in Australia

    I don't know if the .com space is doing that great at the moment Snoopy. The price of an average domain at the bottom end of the market appears to have moved higher but from then on the pricing is a little mixed. There's always going to be more prospective buyers if you are investing but I check...
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    Domain Sales List 2019

    Hopefully drop can update this list further as I think there's been some good bidding on drop on a couple of names recently.